Limited Company (CIS)

Limited Company (CIS)

Tailored services for Construction limited companies under CIS scheme

We're here to provide you with a range of specialized services designed to keep your construction business running smoothly, efficiently, and compliantly.

Overcome challenges from the very beginning

Company set-up

We’ll make sure you start your construction business on the right footing, while you are compliant with CIS regulations from day one. Picture it as your shield against worries and risks. When your company is set up right, it’s like having a safety net, reducing stress and helping you navigate the world of CIS compliance smoothly.

Why partner with us:

  • Compliance assurance: imagine it as laying a strong foundation for your construction journey. By setting up your company correctly, you steer clear of unexpected bumps and fines along the way.
  • Time savings: think of it as having more hours in your day to pour into your construction projects, dealing with partners and collaborators or negotiating contracts. While we handle the intricate setup process, you can focus on building your dreams. 
  • Peace of mind: It’s like having a security blanket for your business. Rest easy knowing your company is playing by the rules, legally compliant, and poised for success.

Let’s streamline yor payroll


Think of it as the heartbeat of your construction team. We handle payroll, making sure everyone gets paid correctly while following HMRC and CIS guidelines. Payroll accuracy is the backbone of your construction projects. It ensures a smooth operation, like well-oiled machinery, and keeps your team and projects on track.

Why partner with us:

  • Timely payments: imagine payday as a well-orchestrated construction project. With us, your team gets paid on time, every time.
  • CIS compliance: it’s like having a navigation system for the complex CIS landscape. We help you steer clear of costly errors in CIS deductions.
  • Employee satisfaction: picture it as a happy, motivated crew. When your workers are paid accurately and promptly, it boosts morale and keeps your job site humming.

Monthly headaches? No more!

CIS submissions

CIS submissions are your golden ticket to compliance and a streamlined construction operation. Imagine these just as your monthly financial health check – but with no health issues, this time – because we calculate the CIS deductions you owe to HMRC and we take care of everything. Here at Stymulus, we handle everything and offer you the support you need, making sure you stay on the right side of tax regulations.

Why partner with us:

  • Avoid penalties: imagine dodging potholes on a smooth road. We ensure your CIS returns are accurate and submitted on time, so you don’t face any HMRC fines.
  • Smooth operations: it’s like having a clean blueprint for your construction project. We help you maintain a spotless record with HMRC, ensuring hassle-free activity.
  • Tax efficiency: think of it as fine-tuning an engine for peak performance. We make sure you’re not paying more taxes than necessary through precise CIS submissions and additional services.

Always get paid what you’re owed

EPS submissions

Think of EPS submissions as the fuel for your construction project’s. They ensure your company has the payments reports accurately, just like clockwork. In the world of construction, we are aware that precise payments are essential. Trust us to keep your engine running smooth.

Why partner with us:

  • Precision payments: accurate EPS submissions guarantee your company’s reports are accurate, without any surprises.
  • Smooth operations: keep your construction site fueld so it can work like a well-oiled machine, free from disruptions caused by tax issues.
  • Financial harmony: avoid the stress of compliance errors and enjoy a harmonious working relationship with your contractors.

We make your business thrive through accurate bookkeeping


Imagine bookkeeping as the sturdy foundation of your construction project, much like the concrete that supports a towering building. It involves meticulous record-keeping, tracking income, expenses, and ensuring financial transparency for your construction business. Let us be your financial architects, ensuring your construction venture is built on a solid financial foundation.

Why partner with us:

  • Financial clarity: with organized bookkeeping, you gain a clear view of your construction company’s financial health, just as clear windows let in the light.
  • Tax efficiency: properly maintained records help identify potential deductions, maximizing your tax savings like uncovering hidden treasures.
  • Peace of mind: stay confident that your financial house is in order, allowing you to focus on building your construction empire with the assurance that your foundation is solid.

Keep your VAT journey straightforeward

VAT return

Imagine VAT returns as the well-marked path through a dense forest, guiding you safely through the financial landscape of your construction project. It involves calculating the VAT you’ve collected and paid to HMRC, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. What we can promise is that if you’ll partner with us, you’ll always be VAT-compliant, with your papers always sumbitted on time: no penalties, no extra charges. 

Why partner with us:

  • Avoid penalties: accurate VAT returns prevent costly fines, keeping your construction projects on track without unexpected roadblocks.
  • Financial transparency: maintain a crystal-clear financial record with HMRC, fostering trust and credibility, much like a transparent window letting in the light.
  • Tax savings: properly managed VAT returns help identify potential refunds or deductions, boosting your bottom line like finding hidden treasures.

Confirm your success

Confirmation statement

The confirmation statement acts as a window into your construction business. It’s a legal requirement to confirm that your company’s information held by Companies House is accurate and up to date. Ensure it reflects a clear, up-to-date image by partnering with us.

Why partner with us:

  • Enhanced reputation: regularly filing your confirmation statement showcases your commitment to transparency and reliability in the construction industry, much like a well-lit and clearly marked path in a forest.
  • Compliance confidence: stay in good standing with Companies House, avoiding any unnecessary disruptions to your business operations, similar to avoiding potholes on a smooth road.
  • Peace of mind: trust that your construction company’s public record is always current and accurate, providing the assurance of a solid foundation.

Build financial excellence, brick by brick

Annual accounts

Excellence in accounting is the cornerstone of your business within the CIS scheme. Annual accounts are like the clear window through which stakeholders view your construction project’s financial performance. They provide a comprehensive overview, like a detailed map, of your company’s financial health, specifically tailored to the construction sector. Trust our expertise to provide meticulous annual accounts that support your growth.

Why partner with us:

  • Financial clarity: gain a comprehensive view of your construction business’s financial health.
  • Investor confidence: attract investors and partners with professional, transparent accounts, creating a solid foundation for collaboration – just like a sturdy building attracts visitors.
  • Tax efficiency: ensure you’re not overpaying taxes with precise financial data.

Navigate any HMRC investigation with confidence

HRMC investigations

Imagine HMRC investigations as a thorough examination of your construction business’s financial affairs. These investigations ensure your compliance with tax regulations in the construction industry. We work alongside you, transparently navigating the complexities to find the clearest path to resolution.

Why partner with us:

  • Peace of mind: facing an HMRC investigation can be stressful. When handled correctly, you can rest assured that your financial records are in expert hands. We guide you through the process, alleviating the burden of dealing with tax inquiries on your own.
  • Minimised risks: HMRC investigations can uncover issues that may lead to penalties or additional taxes owed. By having us on your side, you minimize these risks. Our expertise helps identify and rectify any discrepancies swiftly and accurately.
  • Clarity: understanding tax regulations in the construction industry isn’t always straightforward. Our experts provide you with the clarity and knowledge needed to navigate these investigations successfully. We ensure your compliance, so you can carry on with your construction projects without unnecessary interruptions.

Guidance. Healthy business decisions, every step of the way


Our consultancy service acts as the clear compass guiding your construction business towards financial success. We bring years of industry knowledge to the table and we are here to support your construction financial journey every step of the way, ensuring your path is well-lit. With Stymulus, you have tailored advice, strategies, and support to help you navigate the complex financial landscape.

Why partner with us:

  • Personalized guidance: benefit from expert advice customized to your unique construction business needs – the process? Just like having a personal GPS for your financial journey.
  • Informed decision-making: make strategic choices with confidence, knowing you have a financial all – similar to making informed decisions with a trusted friend by your side.
  • Risk mitigation: avoid financial pitfalls and stay on the path to success – with us by your side it is just like having a safety net while walking a tightrope.

Choosing us as your trusted accountants means that you benefit from:


You’ll benefit from our deep knowledge of the construction industry's financial intricacies


You can count on us – we care about your success, not just your finances


We provide a clear view of your financial health, like a crystal-clear window


We offer you tailored services to fit your unique construction business needs

Focus and Clarity

We handle the stress and deal with the numbers, you enjoy the peace of mind and build your dream.

No late payments

We meet deadlines like clockwork, keeping your operations smooth.

Tax Efficiency

You maximize your savings with our tax-savvy strategies – because we have the expertise to minimize your tax burdens

24/7 Support

We're here for you - every brick, every step. We answer you questions, phone calls and inquiries.


We build lasting relationships, not just balance sheets. We care about your goals and guide you through the storm.

Ready to Discover, Grow, and Succeed

Step into the future of your business expansion and partner with us for financial excellence, trust and guidance. We’re here for you every step of the way!

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