Limited Company (PAYE)

Limited Company (PAYE)

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Your window to a bright business beginning

Company set-up

Yes, you can google “how to open a company”, but are you willing to waste your time and get frustrated from filling all the blanks? Not to mention that after so much wasted time, it wasn’t even approved because you didn’t see the (**). Cherish your zen and let us do it right the first time. With our complete set-up service pack, you can rest assured that your new venture begins on a strong foundation. We handle all the paperwork, registrations, and legalities, so you can focus on your business vision.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • The full package: here comes the tricky part in setting the HMRC accounts, and we will do it from the beginning to make sure you have the proper start for your business and everything is set. GO! And in this way you can follow up all the activity about the taxation in your company. Because we want our clients to stay informed and in control of their business.
  • Have a smooth start: avoid the complexities of company formation. We streamline the process, ensuring you’re up and running without hassles. More than that, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is set up correctly.
  • Be legally compliant: stay on the right side of the law from the beginning. We ensure your company is registered correctly, reducing the risk of future issues.
  • Save time: while we handle the paperwork, you avoid the headache – and you can focus on your business strategy.

Transparent financial management for your entire team


Payroll is like the transparent window through which your employees view their financial well-being. Our payroll service acts like a reliable caretaker, ensuring timely, accurate payments while handling all the behind-the-scenes tax and compliance tasks. Have you ever done it by yoursels? If you’d like to get rid of the stress and strains of working it all out – right to work, National Insurance, PAYE taxes, holiday, maternity, sick pay, RTI submissions, P32’s, Year end reports, P60’s and P45’s, and so on… or if this list sounds like Science Fiction for you, rest assured it’s not the case for us. At Stymulus, this is just a daily routine. You may employ one person, you may employ 50. Either way, we will do it without stressing you out.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • You gain efficiency: streamline your payroll processes, ensuring your team gets paid on time, every time. We tackle the intricate world of payroll taxes, so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Your business is compliant: stay on the right side of payroll regulations, avoiding those pesky penalties.
  • You keep your employees happy: a satisfied workforce is the cornerstone of a thriving business. Timely and accurate pay checks contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere.
  • You benefit from time and cost savings: By entrusting your payroll to Stymulus, you not only free up your valuable time but also cut down on administrative expenses. It’s a smart investment in your business’s future.

Window to financial clarity and accuracy


Bookkeeping is like the clear window to your financial landscape. It involves meticulous record-keeping, ensuring your financial picture is transparent and up-to-date. 


Ever wondered how many transactions fill up your monthly bank statement? Imagine sorting each one into over 9,000 nominal accounts, ensuring compliance with HMRC’s ever-changing rules. It can feel like you need months to master bookkeeping and stay updated on tax changes, right? Well, we’ve got your back. Our service keeps your books in perfect order.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • Your financial insights are at one click away: access real-time financial data for informed decision-making. Our dedicated team maintains accurate records, reducing the risk of errors.
  • We’ll make sure you won’t pay more: organized records make tax time a breeze and help you claim and receive all eligible deductions.
  • Time for growth: trust that your financial records are in capable hands. Our partnership brings you peace of mind and you may rest assured that your financial records are in expert hands. Focus on business growth while we handle the numbers.

Shining a light on your tax compliance

VAT return

If Bookkeeping is like the clear window to your financial landscape, your VAT return is like a magnifying glass put onto your tax obligations. Our VAT return service ensures meticulous recording and submission of your VAT data, making sure you’re fully compliant with HMRC regulations.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • Your business is compliant: while working together, you will always stay on the right side of VAT laws, avoiding penalties and disputes. This is possible because our experts are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to achieving what it’s in your best interest.
  • You have an efficient process: eliminate the headache of managing VAT on your own. Save time and energy by letting Stymulus experts handle complex VAT calculations and submissions.
  • You gain financial clarity: gain a transparent view of your VAT obligations and expenses.

Your crystal-clear business declaration

Confirmation statement

Think of a confirmation statement as your business’s way of saying, „We’re here, and everything’s in order”. It’s all about maintaining accuracy and transparency in your company’s details. And we’ve got you covered! Our service ensures timely submission, reflecting your company’s accuracy and transparency.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • Your business is compliant: Stay in good standing with Companies House and boost your reputation. We take care of everything, ensuring your confirmation statement is accurate and submitted on time.
  • The process is efficient: let us handle the administrative work, saving you time for core business tasks.
  • You have peace of mind: trust that your business’s public record is up to date and accurate.

Spotlight: your financial performance

Annual accounts

Think of annual accounts as an open door where everyone, from stakeholders to curious neighbors, takes a peek at your financial performance. Our experts here at Stymulus will make sure those accounts are spot-on – accurate, crystal clear, and playing by the rules – showcasing your business’s good health – just like an open door through which you discover a warm, inviting and inspiring place.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • You gain financial clarity: get the full picture of your business’s financial well-being.
  • You impress potential investors: impress potential investors and partners with expertly prepared, transparent accounts.
  • You save taxes: ensure you’re not paying a penny more in taxes than you should with precise financial data.

Your GPS for financial success


Think of our consultancy service as your trusty GPS in the complex world of finance. We provide custom-tailored advice, strategies, and unwavering support to help you chart a course toward financial success.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • You’ll get the real deal: our consultants bring a wealth of industry knowledge to every consultation, so you’ll get laser-focused advice on your business’s unique needs.
  • You can trust us: we’re not only your dedicated companions on your financial journey, but we’ll also make sure you take strategic decisions with confidence, knowing you have an ally by your side.
  • Get rid of risks, get grasp of freedom: we’ll handle the research and planning, so you can concentrate on execution – while we’ll always prompt you to steer clear of financial pitfalls and stay on the path to success.

Your shield against tax challenges

HMRC investigations

Facing an HMRC investigation can be daunting. Maybe you just had bad luck and HMRC decided to audit your books, or you are in trouble because… it doesn’t really matter. We will negotiate with HMRC on your behalf. We have quite some experience in dealing with all sorts of cases and we know how to build a defense and plead in your favor. We can’t promise anything, but we have dealt with this before. We provide expert support, transparent communication, and resolution to minimize stress.

Your advantage, our promise:

  • You’ll get expert support: you can rely on our expertise to handle HMRC inquiries and investigations. That’s what we do, on a daily basis. And we’re good at it.
  • Get rid of the stress: reduce the hassle, anxiety and financial burden associated with investigations.
  • Communicate accurately: we maintain straightforward conversations with HMRC on your behalf while our ultimate goal is to offer you peace and mind and the expected resolution.

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Highly recommended. I can’t praise the services of Stymulus LTD enough. Whenever I encounter any problems or require assistance for my company, Stymulus LTD consistently provides effective solutions. If you are in need of a year-end accountant or other accounting services, consider trying Stymulus LTD – you will not be disappointed.

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