Ciprian Ursache, CEO

My commitment to my clients goes beyond professional transactions; it’s about creating authentic, meaningful connections. I firmly believe that success is not just about numbers; it’s about the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the incredible individuals and businesses we serve. I have build Stymulus LTD based on these principles and toghether with my dedicated team […]

Sanda Balna

Embarking on the accountancy journey was a natural choice for me—like finding a rhythm in the organized dance of numbers, structures, and accuracy – which aligns with my life principles. Stymulus LTD opened the door for me to not just follow this path but to evolve my skills in handling methodical tasks. My role here […]

Luiza Andreea Toma

I started to work for Stymulus LTD a year ago as an accounts assistant and I welcomed the opportunity to be part of an extraordinary team. I embraced the ethics that came along with my role in the company with excitement. I believe the company’s strengths are the continuous teamwork and the values that each […]

Aleksandra Pavgurte

I am not a  typical number crunching and suit wearing finance professional. I am your friend and partner in your entrepreneurial journey. I understand that running a business in the United Kingdom sometimes feels like trying to solve a complex puzzle, where every financial decision is a piece that needs to be put in a […]

Alice Cercelariu

Working at Stymulus is where my professional identity and values come together. I see my role here as an opportunity to express myself and fully leverage my skills and values. The supportive work environment is another aspect I higlhy appreciate. It’s a place where teamwork is encouraged, and the contributions of every team member is […]

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