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Payslip calculations - weekly, fortnightly, monthly (including holiday, P32 reports and Year end processing, and P45 for leavers)

Can you handle the stress and strains of working it all out – right to work, National Insurance, PAYE taxes, holiday, maternity, sick pay, RTI submissions, P32’s, Year end reports, P60’s and P45’s, and so on. The list above is quite long, isn’t it? And perhaps sounds like Science Fiction for some, but not for us. For us it is just a daily routine. You may employ one person, you may employ 50. Either way, we will do it without stressing you out.


Auto enrollment: We will let you know when is the time for your company to enroll, the difference between if an employee can or must be enrolled so you don’t have to overload your workflow and risk any rules violation.

Pension reporting: We keep the reports updated and correct and notify you when it’s time to pay. Or even help you set up a direct debit to take that out of your mind and hear about pension only when it’s your time to cash in.

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Highly recommanded. I can’t praise the Stymulus Ltd services enought. Always when I have any problem or I need help for my company ,the Stymulus Ltd has the solution. If you need a year-end accountant or other help from an accounting company ,try Stymulus Ltd and you will not be disappointed.

Nicoleta Ungurean

Highly recommended! Good prices.

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